Newark Chess Club, A Non-Profit Organization

Google the term "chess club" and you will get about 2,130,000 results. Google "New Jersey chess club" and you get about 12,500 results. Now, Google "Newark New Jersey chess club" and you get ZERO results. That’s because there are no chess clubs in Newark, New Jersey’s largest city.

The following studies have informed our research.

· Chess and Aptitudes by Albert Frank

· Chess and Cognitive Development by Johan Christiaen

· Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Through Chess by Robert Ferguson

· Chess as a Way to Teach Thinking by Dianne Horgan

· The Effect of Chess on Reading Scores by Stuart Margulies

· Étude Comparative sur les Apprentissages en Mathématiques 5e Année by Louise Gaudreau

· Playing Chess: A Study of Problem-Solving Skills by Philip Rifner


Mission Statement: The Newark Chess Club will teach strategic theory and thought through chess, create mentor/mentee relationships for adults and children, produce the Newark High School Chess Tournament, bring Chess into the classroom as a learning tool, and become a haven for people of all ages to enjoy playing chess in an environment specifically designed for the development of the youth, the engagement of the mind, and the advancement of the game.

The Newark Chess Club is a Non Profit Organization incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey. The organization will seek and attain tax exempt status and apply for grants to fund the mentorship program and the high school tournament. 

Organization Goals and Objectives:

The goals of the organization are to develop the skill of strategic theory and practice in Newark's youth ages 10-17, teach chess in schools, be the premier place in Newark for chess players to come play the game, exchange ideas, and fellowship with other chess players, enthusiasts, and fans, and develop, host, and maintain an annual Newark High School Chess Tournament.

The objectives of the organization are to develop the minds of young people through the game of chess and to provide a home for Newark's chess community.

The Newark Chess Club will offer five basic services:

 1) a weekly mentorship program for children ages 10-14 at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark.

2) an annual high school chess tournament.

3) weekly chess classes/discussions.

4) monthly adult and children chess tournaments.

5) facilitate a Chess-In-The-Schools program

The Newark Chess Club Mentorship Program will meet on Saturdays, and will start a new programming season on an annual basis. We will allow a maximum of 20 children ages 10-14 to participate in each session. We will go on a field trip every other month (6), and we will have one motivational guest speaker each month (12).  Each month, the Newark Chess Club Mentorship Program will feature a different theme.  Each theme will be expounded upon by a guest motivational speaker.