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Why bring The Newark Chess Club to your institution?

The Newark Chess Club is a mentorship program whose mission is to save lives by building critical thinking skills in children. We use chess as the bonding activity to build a lasting relationship between a mentor and a mentee, and we use chess to teach children how to make better decisions. Our goal is to teach every child in America how to play chess and to make sure that every child has a mentor.

Our program is simple. We created a character development curriculum for children that cultivates life skills such as goal setting, patience, planning, strategy, overcoming peer pressure, focus, creating advantages, using your instincts, persistence, determination, understanding the consequences of actions, overcoming challenges, keeping commitments, trust, respect, and choices.

If your school is committed to better academic performance and improved behavior amongst your students, then this program is for you.

Our After School Curriculum

 The Newark Chess Club's weekly After School Program is anchored in a proprietary curriculum that instructs students in 15 life skills and 15 chess skills. The program is run for two hours each week and is taught by a professional chess instructor who has been background checked and fully trained to implement our curriculum.


Life Skill

Chess Skill

1 Goal Setting Piece Description & Check
2 Patience Piece Values & Checkmate
3 Planning Castling
4 Strategy En Passant
5 Peer Pressure Review
6 Focus Pawn Strategy
7 Advantage Rook Strategy
8 Instinct Bishop Strategy
9 Persistence & Determination Knight Strategy
10 Consequences of Actions King Strategy
11 Challenges Queen Strategy
12 Commitment Controlling the Middle
13 Trust Openings
14 Respect Forks, Pins, Skewers
15 Choice Middle 

Video Overviews of our First Two Lessons

In these videos, we preview how we teach the first two life skills; Goal Setting and Patience.  

Become a School Partner

The first step toward bringing Newark Chess Club into your institution is to submit the form below, after which, a team member will reach out to schedule a phone call to discuss next steps.  

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